Brighter Days by Leah Jordan

Wellity wellity well…

Leah Jordan Finally recorded one of her own compositions in my (or should I say our) dining room! I got both the video camera and the Behringer B2pro out for a small recording session. I know: I need to get myself some decent motion picture recording gear… please stop going on about it, honestly it’s doing my head in!!!

For those interested:

Video on Sony Handycam
B2Pro on Vox into fireface400 then Logic pros EQ and compressor
Martin D18V into Fishman Matrix blend DI d into Fireface400 then Logic pros Eq and multipressor
Mixed using the ear of a nute and the eye of a badger, synced using pluraleyes.
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One Response to Brighter Days by Leah Jordan

  1. Agatha Jordan says:

    Brilliant Leah at last

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